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Basic B Finds Balance is a blog about a basic b!#ch recovering workaholic (me) and my journey to find a balance between work and play before it is too late. Check out the About Me page to find out what ignited my passion for finding balance, and why it is I call myself a basic b. Life is short, and none of us knows how much time we have to live it. So live it now (while still paying your bills)! Hit follow to receive:

* Irreverent humor (and occasionally explicit language – you’ve been warned, although I will try and keep it to a minimum).

* Tips on self-care and how to care for your mental health, especially crucial for those in high-stress professions.

* Discussions about what success really means (hint: it’s not all titles and money).

* Suggestions for ways to inject some fun into your life.

* My unfiltered reviews of restaurants, resorts, special events, and more.

PLUS those that subscribe today will get a FREE playlist of motivating music to improve your mood even if you’re having a terrible, no good, very bad day. Don’t miss out! Hit “Follow” and join the journey!

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Did You Know? Writing is one of the loves of my life, and I do more than just blog. In addition to growing Basic B Finds Balance I am working on a novel and a collection of poetry. I also do freelance writing and ghostwriting if you need something written but don’t know where to start. Head on over to my other site, Dee-Writes, to learn more.

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