3+ Hours of Motivating Music to Improve Your Mood Even if You’re Having a Terrible, No Good, Really Bad Day

You’ll wish you had this custom curated playlist of music to improve your mood in your life years ago. Seriously, I mean it (but you won’t know for yourself until you try it for yourself)! This playlist will help you:

  • Stay energized and motivated all day long
  • Minimize distractions and maximize focus 
  • Feel your best mentally which helps you to feel your best physically
Decorative image of the word energy
Get more energy to get through your day with our playlist full of music to improve your mood

Stay Energized and Motivated

Upbeat music not only causes you to work harder and faster, but it also releases endorphins, which help to minimize the negative impacts of stress like fatigue and irritability.  

Decorative image of a woman listening to music to improve mood on headphones while working
Listening while you work will help minimize distractions and maximize productivity

Minimize to Maximize

In addition to acting as white noise to help minimize distractions, listening to music has also been shown to improve memory. Both of these help to maximize productivity!

Decorative image of woman dancing on couch to happy music
This is how I feel when I listen to the playlist

Feel Your Best

Music releases endorphins, which make you feel happier. These songs were custom selected for their mood-elevating properties (based on my personal experience). 

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