Welcome to the blog created specifically to help you find your balance. I’m so happy that you’re here! Every week, I drop a new blog post on anything and everything related to living a more balanced life, especially when it comes to the mental, emotional, and spiritual side of things. I also write about finding work-life balance and simple ways you can be healthier physically without becoming a health nut.

Guest Bloggers Welcome

Do you write blog posts? Are they about living a balanced life or how to support and improve your emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual health? Would you like some more exposure? Become a featured guest blogger and share your knowledge with my audience! Contact me today to talk details.

Where Do You Most Need to Find Your Balance?

Click here if you need to find your balance mentally
If you need to find your balance emotionally, click here
If you need more spiritual balance, click here
Click here for more physical balance
I need to balance all these responsibilities with more fun
Click here to learn how to practice true self-care because you can’t pour from an empty cup

Find Your Balance Faster

Launch your balance finding journey with this 90-day journal created by Basic B Finds Balance

I’ve got you! A few years ago, I was way off balance. If you don’t know my story, trust that through the power of small changes to my daily habits, I’ve come a long way. I developed a simple journal program based on what was helpful to me when I first started my journey to find balance. In less than 15 minutes a day, you’ll do a simple grounding practice and complete two guided journal pages. After you finish the 90-day journal you’ll have less anxiety, manage stress better, and you may even be sleeping better. Don’t waste another day feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and hopeless. Get started today by clicking the button below!

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