Tailwind’s A.I. Tool: I’m In Love With My Competition

Screenshot of a Pin description created using Tailwind's A.I. tool for ghostwriting
Even though it’s ghostwriting competition, I love Tailwind’s A.I. tool.

Introducing Tailwind’s A.I. Tool

I’m in love with Tailwind’s A.I. tool because it helps me achieve work-life balance. Not only can I pre-schedule content across multiple platforms, but it helps me with writer’s block too!

Affiliate Disclosure: If you click through and make a purchase I may receive a commission at no cost to you, and I received compensation for this post.

Writing is my thing, but I still struggle with coming up with attention-grabbing captions. Sometimes after a long day of writing guidelines, newsletters, and articles for my clients or writing a post for this blog, I run out of creative juice. That’s why I love Tailwind’s new A.I. tool that writes customizable content in SECONDS. It’s like having my own ghostwriter!

I can add a call to action or keywords, and select from a variety of content styles. It’s a great way to end writer’s block and boost engagement.

Here’s How Ghostwriter Works:

I log into Tailwind and check out my customized marketing plan suggestions for the day. Then I design my content right there in Tailwind or in the program of my choice. I upload the content to the desired platform and click on “Ghostwriter”.

Once the box pops up, I select my content style (promotional, lifestyle, behind-the-scenes, or informational), add any keywords and/or a call to action, and click “generate”.

In seconds, I have 2-3 fully editable Pin descriptions or social media post caption options. If I like a caption as it is, I can just click “save”. Or I can make as many edits as I want until it’s perfect.

Promotional image for Tailwind, the tool that feels like a marketing team.
Tailwind is a tool that feels like a marketing team

Tailwind’s Content Style Options

One of the best features of Tailwind’s A.I. tool is the different style options available for your captions. I use “informational content” to generate descriptions when I announce a new blog post each week, and when pre-scheduling content designed to educate my followers.

When I launch a new product, like my Finding Balance journal or my soon-to-drop Fall In Love With Yourself course, I use “promotional content” to help me spread the word. This is also a great option for announcing a sale!

“Behind the Scenes” is great for those posts that show you in action, like sharing the process to create a product. When talking about the mission, values, and beliefs that drive my business, I use “Lifestyle Content”. It could also be a fun way to generate a description of your latest team meeting that turned into a party. 😁

The Final Word on Tailwind’s A.I. Tool

The advanced A.I. is fine-tuned to create effective marketing copy for small businesses. It produces copy that sounds natural with good grammar. It even optimizes copy to help you reach your business goals. I bet you can’t tell which parts of this I wrote, and which parts Tailwind wrote!

One last thing, they have a forever-free plan, NOT a free trial. I have a paid plan because I use Tailwind A LOT, but you don’t need one. They give you a certain number of posts per month FREE, every month!

Click this link to head to Tailwind to learn more about the tool that feels like a marketing team.

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